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Wedding hair and makeup is different than what you would wear day to day, or for a night out. 

As with engagement hair and makeup, you are aiming to project a fresh, youthful appearance, with glowing skin.  But you are also being viewed by many - perhaps hundreds - of people who are your friends, family, relatives and colleagues.  

Bridal hair and makeup strikes a balance between the needs of the camera, and the need to look natural and beautiful on your special day.

Hair and Makeup by Candace French will make sure you look your absolute most stunning for both the close-up of the camera's lens, to the people sitting in the last pew waiting for you to walk down the aisle to the receiving line.

You can use the convenient wedding enquiry form to book a free 20-minute consultation where Candace or a member of her team will take the time to answer any questions you might have, and create a custom hair and makeup package for you.

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