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Engagement Hair and Makeup

Engagement photos can be anything from fun to formal, funky and fashionistic to high fashion.  Candace French Hair and Makeup will adapt to your desired approach to make you look fantastic.  Check out our Wedding Gallery for some great ideas.  Engagement hair and makeup is geared to accentuate how you will appear on camera, and may include several looks for both inside and outside photography.

You can use the convenient photo-session enquiry form to find out more.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

Wedding hair and makeup is different than what you would wear day to day, or for a night out.  As with engagement hair and makeup, you are aiming to project a fresh, youthful appearance, with glowing skin.  But you are also being viewed by many - perhaps hundreds - of people who are your friends, family, relatives and colleagues.  Bridal hair and makeup strikes a balance between the needs of the camera, and the need to look natural and beautiful on your special day.

Hair and Makeup by Candace French will make sure you look your absolute most stunning for both the close-up of the camera's lens, to the people sitting in the last pew waiting for you to walk down the aisle to the receiving line.

You can use the convenient wedding enquiry form to book a free 20-minute consultation where Candace or a member of her team will take the time to answer any questions you might have, and create a custom hair and makeup package for you.  

Boudoir Hair and Makeup

Boudoir photography goes by many names such as "pinup photography", "glamour photography" and more.  Boudoir sessions are becoming increasingly popular for women of all ages and all walks of life, whether it is for a special someone, or just yourself.  

This is definitely a sexier style of hair and makeup , and gives you the opportunity to playful with the styles and looks.

Boudoir hair and makeup by Candace French Hair and Makeup will bring out your natural beauty on camera.  

We have professional relationships with some of the top boudoir photographers in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe.  

You can use the convenient enquiry form to find out more.

Commercial Hair and Makeup / Advertising Hair and Makeup

Major advertisers look to a professional hair and makeup artists to subtly promote their brand through the skilled use of hair and makeup.  Hair and makeup for an magazines, advertising and commercial purposes must be exacting and of a high-standard.

If you have an idea you would like to pursue, we have professional relationships with some of the top commercial photographers/advertising photographers in the GTA an Golden Horseshoe.

Business Head Shots Hair and Makeup / Actors Head Shots Hair and Makeup

Are you an actor, a corporate executive, a real estate agent, a sales representative, or other professional looking to improve your image?

Whether you are a Real Estate Agent looking to book a series of head shots, a Bank Executive looking to boost her profile, an Investment Advisor looking to put forth her best image to her clients, having Candace French Hair and Makeup do your hair and makeup for your photo session is a wise investment. 

After all, you aren't going to use your own snap-shots; you're wisely choosing to hire a professional commercial photographer, so why would you do your own hair and makeup?   As a professional yourself, you know the value in hiring an expert.  

And remember - Candace French Hair and Makeup comes to you, at your home, office, or photography session, saving you valuable time.


Candace French Hair and Makeup has extensive experience in hair and makeup for Actor Head Shots, Business Head Shots, and Corporate/Executive Head Shots.  

We have professional relationships with some of the top head shots/commercial photographers/advertising photographers in the GTA an Golden Horseshoe.

Fashion, Editorial and Runway Hair and Makeup

Kate Moss said in Dec-2012 issue of Vanity Fairthat "I don't want to be myself, ever . . . . You’ve got to give me a character."   

Fashion editorials and runway shows tell the audience a story without words through skilled use of images and style, an artwork that is the result of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and models all striving together to produce something beautiful.  

Being a hair and makeup artist, Candace listens to the client to help understand their vision, and adapt that vision to the dynamic of an editorial photoshoot or the controlled-chaos of a fashion show.

We have professional relationships with some of the top fashion photographers and editorial photographers in the GTA an Golden Horseshoe.

Other Services

Nights out hair and makeup 

Party hair and makeup

Teen parties hair and makeup

Prom hair and makeup

Graduation hair and makeup

Special events hair and makeup

Hair and makeup for the holidays 

Charity Balls and ​Fundraisers hair and makeup

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