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Cancellation of Services


All cancellations and/or removal of services must be in writing, via email or fax.  Removal of services and/or cancellations cannot be contracted by telephone.



We try our best to be fair and reasonable with regards to cancellations.  We understand that sometimes situations change, and you may need to remove certain services.



However, cancellations and/or removal of services result in a loss of time and money for the artist once your date has been contracted with a signed Services Agreement and deposit received:

  • Time spent in the revision of the services agreement, follow-on emails, and revising the schedule

  • Break-up fees to assistant artists or sub-contractors who have foregone other work to work with us on this day, 

  • Other prospective clients are turned away in order to honour our commitment to provide services to your wedding. 



The deposit (1st Installment) is non-refundable.



All subsequent installments will be refunded according to the following schedule:

  • Between 61 to 90 days prior to the date, full refund, less deposit

  • Between 46-60 days 75% refund, less deposit

  • Between 31-45 days 50% refund, less deposit

  • Between 16-30 days 25% refund, less deposit

  • 15 days or less, 0% refund of remaining installments



If you find yourself in a position where you must remove or cancel services, we encourage you to provide the details of your situation.


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