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Are you an model, actor, a corporate executive, a real estate agent, a sales representative, or other professional looking to improve your image?

Whether you are a model putting together his/her book, a Real Estate Agent looking to book a series of head shots, a Bank Executive looking to boost her profile, an Investment Advisor looking to put forth her best image to her clients, having Candace French Hair and Makeup do your hair and makeup for your photo session is a wise investment.

After all, you aren't going to use your own snap-shots; you're wisely choosing to hire a professional commercial photographer, so why would you do your own hair and makeup?   As a professional yourself, you know the value in hiring an expert. 

And remember - Candace French Hair and Makeup comes to you, at your home, office, or photography session, saving you valuable time.

Candace French Hair and Makeup has extensive experience in hair and makeup for Actor Head Shots, Business Head Shots, and Corporate/Executive Head Shots. 

We have professional relationships with some of the top head shots/commercial photographers/advertising photographers in the GTA an Golden Horseshoe.

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