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Here are some questions we often get asked!  Take a look through the list and see if your question may already have an answer.  

Do you have/use your own hair and makeup products and tools?

Yes, my kit includes a wide variety of tools and products for hair and makeup.  I use my own products exclusively, unless the client requests otherwise due to personal preference or potential sensitivity to products they may not know or use.  

For a list of hair and makeup products and tools that I use, please select "About : My Kit" or click here.

Do you come to my location or do I go to yours?​

My studio is in my home in Oakville.  If Oakville is convenient to you, then I am happy to perform the work there.

Clients often request me to visit them at their home, or if it is a wedding, clients often request that I perform the work at their hotel or the wedding venue.  

Should I wash my hair the day of my wedding or event?
Wash it the night before or the morning of, as the styles I get the most requests for are for loosely done hair, which requires lots of body.  Hair that has not been washed tends to weigh down the hair.

What should I do to prepare my face for makeup on the day of my wedding or event?​
​Every bride wants smooth skin that radiates.  Here are some handy hints.

Start several weeks before your wedding by getting a facial.  If you do this too close to your wedding, your skin may have a negative reaction to the facial, such as dry or red blotchy skin, an allergic reaction to the facial products, which  you wouldn't want as a last minute surprise before your wedding.

Take extra good care of your skin before the wedding.  Moisturize daily and try to keep your skin as clean as possible using a proper face wash without overdoing it and potentially drying your skin.

Drink plenty of water in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

If you are toning and moisturizing your skin in the weeks leading up to your wedding, there will be very little to do the day before or on the day of.

What’s different or special about wedding hair and makeup?
Wedding hair and makeup tends to be different than for day to day use or a night out.   At the same time as projecting a youthful, fresh, glowing appearance, you are preparing your face to be seen properly by the photographer's camera as well as by people sitting at the back of the chapel or auditorium.

Toronto Hair and Makeup Artist Candace French Hair and Makeup knows how to bring this out in her clients, by expertly using her tools and products.


​How much should I expect to pay for hair and makeup for my wedding?
There is no easy answer.  It depends on many factors:  are both hair and makeup required, how many people require services, how much time is available to perform the services, are extras required such as lashes, where is the wedding relative to Toronto or our closest affiliate, is accommodation required for the hair/makeup artist(s)?

Each wedding is special and has its own special requirements, which is why we offer a free consultation to go over your needs and wants to tailor a custom package just for you.

Someone told me they would do my wedding hair and makeup for $30 a person.  Why should I pay more than that?
Because someone also once said that the "pain of low quality lasts long after the joy of a cheap price." 

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. 

Maintaining a successful hair and makeup business is hard work, and requires investments of hundreds of hours of training,  thousands of dollars worth of tools, cosmetics and products, networking with industry leaders, advertising and promotional costs, transportation costs and much more.

More importantly, your investment in a professional hair and makeup artist is your guarantee of reliability, professionalism and courtesy. 

Why would you trust the most important day of your life to chance with a non-professional?   After all, these are the pictures you are going to show to your grandchildren.

I've gone to my salon for 5 years, so I'm reluctant to use a wedding hair and makeup artist. 
We totally understand.  Some of our best friends work in salons.  The benefit of working with a professional freelance hair and makeup artist is that we visit you at your location, with our team of professionals, when it is convenient to you, in your comfort zone, where your friends and family are.  We work around your schedule, and take the pressure off you having to keep another appointment.

Why would I hire a freelance professional makeup artist when I can go to the mall and get my makeup done there?


What do I look for in a hair and makeup artist?  How do I decide that a hair and makeup artist is the right one for me?

What should I expect my makeup artist and hair stylist to do prior the wedding?



make sure there is a contract in place

only give money at the end of the trial

make sure you thoroughly read and understand the contract before signing it

make sure there are going to be enough makeup aand/or hair stylistsrtists available to perform the work in the time allowed

do they have a backup

do they do both hair and makeup, or do they do only hair or only makeup?  Having a hair and makeup artist such as Candace French will help you reduce your costs and take less time to perform the services.

Take pictures of the style or styles of hair and makeup during and after the trial to refer back to.

Do they accept installment payments?

Do they offer payment by Visa and Mastercard as well as cash?

What Questions should I ask a hair and/or makeup artist?

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